Big Magic – I love this book so much, I’ll send you a copy

This is for all you techies and those new to start ups.  I highly recommend you add Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert to your reading list.  Don’t be misled by the cover.  This book is not just for writers and artists.  It’s also for us.  You’re going to want to purchase your own copy and not just borrow it from a friend (thank you Amy) because when you’re having an off day (or week) and need a pick me up…this is it.

I love this book so much that the first 3 Canadian residents to respond to this blog with their own inspiring book recommendation will get a free copy.  Send an email to once you’ve submitted your recommendation.

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4 thoughts on “Big Magic – I love this book so much, I’ll send you a copy

  1. One inspirational book I read recently was The Life Changing art of Tidying up.
    It really put in to perspective the value I put upon things and was able to trim down and donate a lot of things! Also the less things you own the less cleaning you have to do. 😉

  2. Although it’s been a decade since I read this book – I still recommend it. Never Eat Alone, (Expanded and Updated): And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time by Keith Ferrazzi.

  3. There is always a lot written about the 2nd WW, but this relatively new book is an eye opener of what French women did, how they suffered & how by supporting each other some survived to tell…
    Sometimes we are called to do the impossible & yes, we can rise to the occasion.

    “A Train in Winter” by Caroline Moorehead”- true & inspirational

    Maria Lee

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